Customised Swimming Plugs

Swimming is consistently among top public recreational activities, and in some countries, swimming lessons are a compulsory part of the educational curriculum. As a formalised sport, swimming features in a range of local, national, and international competitions, including every modern Summer Olympics. To enjoy this most relaxing and healthy gift of nature you need ultimate protection for your hearing. You wear swimming  goggles to protect your eyes why not ears?

Swim moulds are used to prevent water entering the ear canal during swimming or other water sports. But ordinary swimming don’t provide full protection and fitting and sometimes irritates your ears as well due to very loose or tight fitting. Customised means only for you which

  • Forms a water tight seal to prevent water from entering your ear while swimming
  • Protects from infections from contaminated water
  • Prevent discomfort while swimming and or diving

Our audiologist will take the size of your ear and make your very own swimming plugs which can be used in bath or shower as well.

Customised Headphones

The ultimate addition to your personal music device. An ear mould fitted to your mp3 player earphones ensures you hear your music they way it was meant to be

  • Can be custom fitted to most types of earphones
  • Produces the best sound quality from your existing earphones and music player
  • Long lasting comfort

Our audiologist will take the size of your ear and make your very own earphones so no more slipping of headphones while walking or jogging.

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