Hearing aidHearing is an important medium which helps us in this process. 

Hearing enables us to socialize, work, and even relax.

Hearing also helps to keep us safe by providing awareness in our environment or alerting us to someone else’s distress.

Hearing is undoubtedly one of our primary senses, yet just how important it is to us is often difficult to appreciate because for most people it’s so tightly integrated with their daily existence that they have no way of comparing what life would be like without it.


Qualified Audiologist At Samay we love to listen to you. Our professional HCPC Qualified audiologists are happy to help and assist you regarding your ear health, balance and cleaning. We expertise in ear wax removal, hearing aid repairs, hearing aids and much more. At Samay we aim to provide optimum hearing solutions around to reconcile hearing concerns even better.


  • Ear Wax Removal 
  • Complete Hearing Assesment
  • Hearing aids
  • Hearing aid fitting
  • Customised swimming plugs
  • Customised headphones
  • Home visits for all these services

If you are looking for economical hearing aids including Oticon, Phonak, Widex, Seimens, StarKey, Unitron, smallest hearing aids, rechargeable hearing aids, in the ear hearing aids, behind the ear hearing aids, Book your hearing assessment now.

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