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What is Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is not about just missing some frequencies. With hearing loss, your brain is constantly at work trying to extract meaning from noise. Hearing aids can help your brain make sense of the sounds and let you understand more with less effort. You will get less tired and less frustrated, and you will have the energy to enjoy and take part in life around you.

Symptoms to look for?

  • difficulty using phone or TV
  • loss of direction of sound
  • difficulty in understanding speech , especially of women and children
  • difficulty in speech discrimination against background noise
  • sounds or speech becoming dull, muffled or attenuated
  • need for increased volume on television, radio, music and other audio sources
  • look out for children missing out their lectures



How we can help?

Our qualified team is always there to assist you throughout the process of Better Hearing. From identifying symptoms to choosing the best hearing device.

Identifying Symptoms
Free video otoscopy to check any blockage
Screening test
Diagnostic Hearing test
Discuss results with patient
Free trial of best suited hearing aid.


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